HHF has a wealth of experience in preparing master plans, the starting point for land development or reuse and the framework for all subsequent land development and design studies. We have produced plans for a diverse range of project types, including:

  • Community Plans
  • New Town Plans
  • Institutional Plans
  • Military Facilities Plans
  • Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trail Plans
  • Tourism and Resort Plans

HHF takes pride in its ability to create master plans that successfully articulate the public or private owner’s vision and objectives for the long-range use of a land parcel, community, or region. We provide the client with an overall understanding of:

  • Guiding land use principles
  • General carrying capacity relative to unit counts, gross floor areas, and on-site populations
  • Optimal relationships between developable lands, transportation, and open space elements
  • Consistency with public plans, policies, and programs
  • Phasing with a focus on short-term projects and priorities
  • Benchmarking and other indicators to track implementation

Within the conceptual framework, HHF utilizes market research, engineering/infrastructure considerations, environmental assets and constraints, community preferences, and imaging concepts to determine layouts of such elements as land use districts and road circulation patterns.

HHF has had the privilege to prepare a wide range of public- and private-sector master plans in Hawai‘i and throughout the Pacific.

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  • Master Planning Projects

    Makiki Baseyard Master Plan

    HHF Planners (HHF) completed a Master Plan for development of a Baseyard site in upper Makiki Valley to meet the current and projected needs of the Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW). This was accomplished in a manner sensitive to the site, budget, and mission of the agency. The plan includes a Resilience Assessment that […]

    Urban Center Development Plan

    HHF led a team to prepare the comprehensive update of the City’s Primary Urban Center Development Plan. The planning process included extensive community workshops, charrettes and Neighborhood Board presentations. The plan, now in its public draft review stage, addresses the needs of what is defined as Honolulu’s “stable neighborhoods,” neighborhoods not expected to change much […]

    Puakō Marine Education Center

    HHF assisted the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo with conceptual site planning, landscape design, and the acquisition of various State and County land use permit approvals required for the proposed marine education and research center at Puakō. Development of the proposed project on a 5-acre undeveloped site adjacent to Puakō Boat Ramp provides a permanent […]

    Mehana at Kapolei Master Plan

    HHF prepared the conceptual master plan and design guidelines for the 135-acre Mehana at Kapolei mixed-use residential community, planned as an extension of the City of Kapolei. Mehana incorporates the best of the new urbanist principles (connected street system, mixed densities and uses, and focus on pedestrian amenities) and will become a key link between […]

    Camp Foster Housing ADP

    The diverse planning and design strengths of HHF’s staff were fully integrated for the Camp Foster Family Housing Area Development Plan (ADP). The team assessed the optimal development strategy for expanded housing requirements at Camp Foster, the Marine Corp headquarters and center for community support on Okinawa. In addition to planning for 900 new housing […]