HHF Planners’ specialty in historic preservation planning, cultural landscapes, and historic landscape architecture is unique in Hawai‘i. Our staff understands the need for sensitivity to a site’s history and context, as well as the demands of modern use, and seeks to facilitate our clients’ ability to incorporate cultural resources into decision-making processes.

By utilizing a cultural landscape approach to preservation planning, HHF maintains a holistic and integrated perspective. Our historic preservation specialists perform in concert with in-house GIS specialists and cartographers, compliance planners, landscape architects, and graphic designers. HHF has been an integral part of diverse and award-winning projects for both public- and private-sector clients, as highlighted by our preservation service areas and featured projects.

Cultural Landscapes. HHF has extensive experience researching, inventorying, evaluating and documenting the significance and characteristics of a variety of cultural landscapes in Hawai‘i and the Pacific. Our comprehensive approach enables us to identify and understand linkages between historic periods, geographic areas, and resource types and to develop appropriate treatment plans, as evidenced through Cultural Landscape Reports (CLR) and Assessments and Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS)/HAER/HABS documents.

Cultural Resources Management. HHF’s skilled professionals develop management and preservation strategies to ensure respect for and protection of historic and cultural resources while guiding future and ongoing needs. This is accomplished through Cultural Resources Management Plans, Preservation Plans, Historic Asset Management Plans, and State and National Register Nominations. HHF staff is also able to navigate and achieve compliance with complex regulations such as NHPA Section 106/110 and Transportation Act Section 4(f).

Preservation and Interpretation Planning and Design. The design, documentation, and interpretation of historic and cultural places are enhanced by the collaboration of HHF’s in-house expertise in preservation, history, landscape architecture, and planning. Our team has prepared physical plans for enhancing and interpreting individual sites, clusters, and historic districts and design guidelines to facilitate implementation. We apply our capabilities to historic trail plans, design guidelines, heritage area plans, restoration and rehabilitation of historic designed landscapes, and facility assessments and reuse/revitalization studies.

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  • Historic Preservation Projects

    ICRMP Update

    The CNRH O‘ahu ICRMP, an update to the APA-award-winning Pearl Harbor Naval Complex ICRMP, expands the realm to include the four outlying CNRH installations on O‘ahu: NCTAMS PAC Wahiawā, Radio Transmitter Facility Lualualei, Naval Magazine Lualualei, and Navy-retained lands at Kalaeloa. The O‘ahu ICRMP analyzes and documents the historic and cultural resources on the Navy’s […]

    Ford Island Interpretive Trail

    Because of HHF Planners’ extensive involvement with historic properties and planning at Pearl Harbor and Ford Island, the firm was selected to develop a plan for the Ford Island Interpretive Trail. The resulting plan is based on a literature review, site visits, consultations with Navy personnel, coordination with Ford Island development and Navy operations, and […]

    Pearl Harbor Memorial Plan

    HHF Planners prepared both the April 2005 and April 2009 Second Edition of the Design Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria for Memorials. These guidelines and criteria provide CNRH with tools for selecting memorials that will enhance historic properties and the environment and that will be maintained in good condition over time. The Second Edition incorporates the […]

    Building 1102 CLR

    Building 1102 at Hickam Field is a contributing structure to the Hickam Field National Historic Landmark and the Hickam Historic District. Now serving as the Headquarters for the Pacific Division of the Air Force, Building 1102 was originally built as a 456,203-square foot enlisted men’s barracks in 1939-1940. Building 1102 bore the brunt of the […]

    Midway Atoll Closure

    Over the course of two years, HHF Planners (HHF) prepared several planning documents to support the U.S. Navy in its efforts to close the U.S. Naval Air Facility (NAF) Midway and transfer its control to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Among these studies were the following: Wildlife Hazards Assessment Cultural Resources Management Plan Bulky Waste […]

    Navy Installations CLR

    Helber Hastert & Fee (HHF), as part of the TEC Joint Venture Team, prepared  Cultural Landscape Reports (CLR) for six (6) Navy installations in Hawai‘i. Prepared as three stand-alone documents (Pearl Harbor Naval Complex CLR, O‘ahu Outlying Areas CLR, and Pacific Missile Range Facility Kaua‘i CLR), the reports provide a comprehensive analysis and understanding of […]

    Fort Kamehameha CLR+HALS

    HHF’s historic preservation team culled libraries and collections, searched photographic and map archives, and thoroughly inventoried the Fort Kamehameha Historic District to uncover detailed information about the history and context of the early twentieth-century Army fort. The culmination of their research and analysis was the preparation of the Cultural Landscape Report (CLR) and the Historic […]