Fort Kamehameha Interpretive Trail

November 26, 2013

Fort Kamehameha’s rich history will come alive with the implementation of HHF’s trail plan.  Users will walk down the very sidewalks used by Army personnel and families as early as 1913 and learn about the nationwide system of coastal defense fortifications and the day-to-day life of their residents. Through site visits to the Fort Kamehameha […]

Davies Pacific Building

November 26, 2013

To create the award-winning new entry plaza for Davies Pacific Center, HHF Planners (HHF) drew inspiration from existing features at the prominent downtown location. The landmark “volcano” fountain on the corner of Bishop and Merchant Streets, formerly a lonely focal element in a “desert” of brick pavers, is now the centerpiece of a tropical oasis. […]

Pearl Harbor ICRMP

November 25, 2013

HHF led a multidisciplinary team of consultants to prepare the award-winning Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (ICRMP), as a tool to preserve and manage the historic assets at Pearl Harbor Naval Complex and to ensure integration of cultural resources into Navy planning and decision-making processes. Navy Region Hawaii is the steward of the waters of […]

Wake Island HALS

November 20, 2013

HHF Planners prepared a Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) of Wake Island Airfield, designated a National Historic Landmark (NHL) in 1985 for its significance in the history of World War II in the Pacific. The atoll’s innumerable historic and cultural resources and current military operations are presently managed by Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. The […]