O‘ahu Bike Plan Update


Islandwide, O‘ahu


City & County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services

HHF completed the O‘ahu Bike Plan 2019 Update for the City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services. The firm also completed the previous update (2012) to the original 1999 Honolulu Bicycle Master Plan. The update covers the entire island of O‘ahu, addressing islandwide bikeway connectivity, safety, convenience, and bike facility integration with the City’s planned transit system. This update to the plan is focused on increasing bicycle ridership by implementing a network of low-stress bicycle facilities that appeal to potential riders of all ages and abilities.

To identify specific problem areas as well as opportunities to increase connectivity, HHF completed a bicycle level of traffic stress (LTS) analysis for the entire existing and proposed bicycle network on the island. The LTS analysis allowed for an objective evaluation of the level of protection that would be required to make a facility comfortable to the general public.

Another key aspect of the current update is to modernize the types of bicycle facilities that are identified and proposed in the plan. There has been significant advancements in bikeway design since the previous plan so HHF and Toole Design Group developed a typical facility design guide that outlines facility selection criteria as well as design guidance for the full range of bicycle facilities along roadway segments and at intersections.

Community engagement was a critical aspect of the plan, and HHF conducted a variety of engagement efforts aimed at gathering input from a wide range of island residents. HHF held a series of public meetings around O‘ahu, and each meeting was live streamed to the City’s Bicycle Program Facebook page. Additionally, a web survey and crowdsourcing web map were posted to the project website to allow the public to identify their issues and proposed solution for O‘ahu’s bicycle network. The input received throughout the community engagement process has been utilized to guide the development of programmatic proposals as well as the prioritization of proposed infrastructure projects.

The project received the 2020 Transportation Award from APA Hawai‘i Chapter.


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