Hāna Pier Deck Removal EIS


Hana, Maui


State Department of Transportation, Harbors Division

HHF Planners (HHF) completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the State Department of Transportation, Harbors Division (DOT-H) to remove the superstructure of an existing pier at Hāna Harbor, Maui. The pier was originally constructed in the 1920s to support the shipment of sugarcane from Hāna. Over the years, the pier was also used to load cattle aboard ships and more recently used by local fishermen and residents for subsistence and cultural activities.

Due to poor condition, the pier is now condemned, off-limits to public access, and poses a legal liability risk to DOT-H because individuals continue to access the pier despite fencing and warning signage. To be consistent with DOT-H’s mission, harbor facilities under its jurisdiction must be available to qualified commercial vessels. Although DOT-H initially proposed to repair the pier, the Hāna community strongly objected to any commercial use of the pier. Therefore, DOT-H proposes to remove the decaying pier deck to protect public safety and reduce its legal liability. HHF supported DOT-H in the public engagement process in which the community’s preferences were made clear.

Key EIS issues include potential impacts to corals and the marine benthic community, subsistence fishing, historic properties, and social and cultural resources.



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