Honolulu Multi-Hazard Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan




Martin, Chock & Carden, Inc. for City & County of Honolulu, Department of Emergency Management

HHF support for the Martin & Chock-led update of the 2012 City of Honolulu Hazard Mitigation Plan included public and agency engagement as well as an assessment of plan integration for resilience (to gauge the extent to which natural hazards are considered as key factors in development decisions and planning process). Regional land use planning analysis focused on the Honolulu General Plan, O‘ahu Resilience Strategy, and the Development Plans and Sustainable Communities Plans for the eight planning regions on O‘ahu.

Alignment of policies, with regard to resilience, is critical for these foundational plans because of the influence they have on how our communities develop over time. Inconsistencies in plans and policies are common and may result inappropriate development in high hazard areas.

The plan integration effort followed the screening methods and techniques established in the policy analysis portion of the “Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard Guidebook” developed by the US Department of Homeland Security’s Coastal Resilience Center and the National Research Council.

In support of community engagement, HHF helped plan and facilitate two public meetings, created informational posters, and conducted activities to capture input on concerns and proposed hazard mitigation priorities during the drafting stage and prior to plan approval.


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