HHF RE-LEI Receives Award of Excellence

HHF’s entry in this year’s RE-LEI Design competition was recognized with an Award of Excellence! The bi-annual design competition challenges people to create lei out of post-consumer waste, and benefits the Master of Landscape Architecture program at UH Mānoa!

Our RE-LEI showcased 29 Native Hawaiian plants–endemic, indigenous, and canoe plants–representing the 29 individuals in our office who are each special in their own way. We celebrate the beauty and synergy native plants have with each other in their unique ecosystem, just as we support each other in our office. This RE-LEI reflects our core values of sustainable landscape design, especially in the use of Native Hawaiian plants. 

To create the 29 different native plants, we used a variety of post-consumer waste materials including egg cartons, magazines, fruit protection nets, cardboard, plastic bottles, packing peanuts, snack packages, and various food containers. More than two dozen post-consumer waste materials were used in making the lei. The only new materials used were paint, wire, tape, and glue most of which are left over materials from other projects or something we had on hand.

The lei making process was another special aspect of this lei. Through a series of workshops, everyone in the office contributed by bringing in materials, constructing plants, offering ideas, and/or providing support in their own way. Making this lei brought our firm together and gave us an opportunity to talk story and reflect on how to live in a more sustainable way. 

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