Honolulu Museum of Art Landscape Renovation




Honolulu Museum of Art

This important landmark building in the heart of Honolulu, registered as a National and State Historical site, was constructed in 1926, with a landscape originally designed by Hawai‘i’s first licensed landscape architect, Catherine Jones Richards. HHF Planners was commissioned to renovate the main courtyard landscaping, as well as several smaller courtyards within the museum complex, which had been in decline over the years.

For the main courtyard, Crepe Gardenia used in a strong massing fronting the main stage area creates a gracious foreground to the stage and sculpture. Hapu‘u tree fern is used in peripheral areas around the courtyard, in recognition of the original design intent, which had been shifted over the years. Stemadenia trees help to frame the space and provide scale, with red ti used for accent color and clarity. The resulting landscape is a strong yet simple tropical theme that relates to the open architectural style of the building.

In a smaller courtyard area behind the gift shop, a new native Hawaiian garden has been created, with over 12 different native plant species, celebrating Hawai‘i’s unique and special environment. The garden acts as an interesting backdrop to a sculpture piece.



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