The Great Seal of Guam Park

November 27, 2013


Hagåtña, Guam


US Army Corps of Engineers/Guam Lieutenant Governor

HHF created a plan for the Great Seal of Guam Park planned for the Paseo de Susana on the Hagåtña Waterfront, on the west bank of the Hagåtña River, adjacent to Marine Corps Drive. In addition to presenting the recommended plan, the report includes important contextual information including background on the Seal, the park setting on the Hagåtña waterfront, and other relevant background and planning assumptions. It also defines the recommended design concept, provides an order of magnitude design and construction budget, and provides a detailed implementation plan.

The planned 0.7-acre park celebrates the significance of the Great Seal of Guam in a dynamic three dimensional, interactive display (visitors can walk through it and touch it). The display explores educational and interpretive opportunities within an appropriate historical and cultural context, and is to be integrated into existing Paseo Park exhibits and the Hagåtña Heritage Walking Trail. The plan was prepared in close consultation with the Lt. Governor, Gov Guam Department Heads and key staff , and with input from key stakeholders.


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