Pearl Harbor ICRMP

November 25, 2013


Pearl Harbor, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i


Naval Facilities Engineering Command

HHF led a multidisciplinary team of consultants to prepare the award-winning Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (ICRMP), as a tool to preserve and manage the historic assets at Pearl Harbor Naval Complex and to ensure integration of cultural resources into Navy planning and decision-making processes.

Navy Region Hawaii is the steward of the waters of Pearl Harbor and nearly 10,000 acres of land around it, including significant cultural and natural resources. In terms of cultural resources, the Pearl Harbor Naval Complex encompasses a National Historic Landmark district, four individual NHL resources, about 1,400 historic structures, numerous objects, submerged military equipment, significant view planes and landscape features, and roughly 140 known archaeological sites of Native Hawaiian origin.

To retain a holistic perspective, the ICRMP utilizes a “cultural landscape” approach to preservation planning that effectively integrates the diverse historic periods, geographic areas, and resource types in the Pearl Harbor region.

Components of the ICRMP include:

  • Establishment of Historic Management Zones;
  • Planning Guidelines at the regional, installation-wide,
  • and historic management zone levels;
  • Design Guidelines for rehabilitation;
  • Cultural Resources GIS mapping and database; and
  • Guidelines for Economic Analysis of historic facilities.

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