Mehana at Kapolei Master Plan

November 27, 2013


Kapolei, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i


D.R. Horton, Schuler Division

HHF prepared the conceptual master plan and design guidelines for the 135-acre Mehana at Kapolei mixed-use residential community, planned as an extension of the City of Kapolei. Mehana incorporates the best of the new urbanist principles (connected street system, mixed densities and uses, and focus on pedestrian amenities) and will become a key link between the Kalaeloa redevelopment area and the growing City of Kapolei. Mehana will include approximately 1,150 multi- and single-family residential units within distinct neighborhoods, supported by a mixed-use commercial center, an elementary school, and a network of parks and pedestrian/bicycle corridors. Planned residential densities range from 6 to 20 units per acre, and include a full range of product types including single-family detached, cluster, townhomes and apartment flats.


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