Honolulu Bicycle Plan

November 27, 2013


Honolulu, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i


Honolulu Department of Transportation Services

HHF led a multi-disciplinary team in the preparation of a bicycle master plan for urban Honolulu. The planning process included extensive community outreach in the form of regional public workshops, small group meetings, neighborhood board presentations, public charrettes, maintenance of a project website, and establishing and reporting to a project advisory committee comprised of representative stakeholders. The plan identified projects, programs and policies to facilitate the institutionalization of “bicycle-friendliness” within the City government.

The plan identified a comprehensive network of almost 100 miles of bikeways involving a range of design treatments (wide curb lanes, multi-use paths, bike lanes, etc.). Total project costs were estimated at $77.5 million. Major project recommendations included the “Lei of Parks” multi-use path system connecting the City’s major regional parks, a major new cross-city bike route (“Bike-Friendly Route No. 1”) and numerous improvements to enhance access to the City’s major colleges and universities. The plan identified a series of key implementing policies and programs based on lessons learned from other jurisdictions, and input received from public workshops. The plan also identified a series of “benchmarks” to monitor progress towards reaching the ultimate vision of becoming a “bicycle-friendly” City.


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