Hilo Bayfront Trails


Hilo, Hawai‘i Island


County of Hawai‘i Department of Research and Development

The County of Hawai‘i selected HHF to develop a community-based, multi-use trails master plan to enhance the bayfront’s natural beauty; increase access for residents and visitors; highlight the area’s cultural significance; and protect the fragile coastline and surrounding waterways. Stretching three miles—from Hilo Harbor to the Wailuku River—the project area comprises over 700 acres, including historic Downtown Hilo, numerous county parks, and Wailoa River State Recreation Area.

HHF worked closely with the County Department of Research and Development; consulted with the public and private constituents of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee; coordinated plan development with the Departments of Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Planning; and teamed with an archaeologist, civil engineer, and community outreach specialist. HHF also reviewed existing conditions through research and site visits, prepared a user survey and assessed responses from Hilo residents, organized three public meetings, which included development of community participation activities, and prepared conceptual and schematic plans, public meeting records, and an order-of magnitude cost estimate for design and construction.

The master plan describes the project area’s history, existing conditions, and challenges; details and illustrates the plan’s shared use paths, bicycle facilities, pedestrian walkways, and features; and outlines design guidelines and implementation action items and phasing. The report will be used to support the entitlement phase of the project—environmental assessment, Special Management Area permit application, and Conservation District Use Application—and Phase II design and Phase III construction for the trails project.


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