Green Physical Needs Assessment

November 20, 2013




Hawai‘i Public Housing Authority

HHF was contracted by the State to prepare a statewide Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA and Energy Audit) for 70 of its Federally-assisted public housing projects throughout Hawai‘i. The GPNA is a database management tool developed by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to facilitate budget organization for HUD when preparing annual expenditures for submittal to Congress. The use of the tool will be a first-time requirement for over 3,000 Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) nationwide in 2013. Utilizing the tool, HHF will estimate repair budgets for HPHA over the next 20 years and will identify anticipated funding needs in several key programming areas.

HHF is currently in the process of  performing the physical survey of housing projects to assess and evaluate the conditions of site, infrastructure, building systems, and building conditions.  Existing deficiencies will be identified and prioritized, and cost estimates will be developed. The assessment involves a survey of over 500 housing units statewide, 20% of all buildings within each public housing site, and 100% of all project site common areas. HHF has assembled a team of civil engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, and architects to conduct the inspections. HHF is solely responsible for the preparation of the GPNA tool for use by the project team. This includes the task of selecting the sample of units and buildings for assessment, managing the field work of the consultant team, ensuring data accuracy, and developing repair budgets and priorities.


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