Fort Kamehameha CLR+HALS

November 26, 2013


Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i


Cultural Surveys Hawai`i

HHF Award 2014HHF’s historic preservation team culled libraries and collections, searched photographic and map archives, and thoroughly inventoried the Fort Kamehameha Historic District to uncover detailed information about the history and context of the early twentieth-century Army fort. The culmination of their research and analysis was the preparation of the Cultural Landscape Report (CLR) and the Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS).

Strategically located at the entrance to Pearl Harbor to protect the developing Navy Yard, the extant portions of the former Army Coastal Artillery post—gun batteries, a chapel and bandstand, waterfront officers’ neighborhood with Craftsman style quarters, roadways and sidewalks, mature vegetation, and several ancillary buildings—have retained a high degree of integrity, based on the findings of the CLR, which analyzed the landscape.

The CLR provides a comparative analysis of the landscape characteristics and features during the fort’s period of significance (1908-1945) as a framework for detailed treatment strategies and design measures for the active preservation of Fort Kamehameha Historic District by Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. In accordance with National Park Service standards, the HALS comprises high-quality photographs of the district’s contributing landscape features, historical and physical information, and an extensive bibliography of source information. The HALS has been accessioned as a permanent record of the Fort Kamehameha Historic District in the Library of Congress’ HALS Collection.


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