Facility Inventory Database Prototype

November 20, 2013


O‘ahu, Hawai‘i


City and County of Honolulu Department Transportation Services

HHF developed a prototype GIS-based, bike facility field collection tool customized to DTS’s requirements. Using commercially-available, off-the-shelf technology, including GPS-enabled smart phones or other mobile devices, DTS will be able to create an inventory of existing bikeway facilities and amenities (e.g., signs, pavement markings, bike racks, etc.) and simultaneously record their condition during field surveys. The data collected during field surveys may then be used to identify deficiencies, schedule repair and maintenance work and locate these facilities with hand-held GIS enabled devices. You can view the HHF Prototype here: Oahu Bike Facilities

HHF is capable of producing GIS-based mobile applications to suit your specific needs. The following mobile phone screen captures depict the type of information and workflow possibilities for your mobile application.

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