Navy Installations CLR

November 26, 2013


O‘ahu and Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i


TEC Joint Venture

Helber Hastert & Fee (HHF), as part of the TEC Joint Venture Team, prepared  Cultural Landscape Reports (CLR) for six (6) Navy installations in Hawai‘i. Prepared as three stand-alone documents (Pearl Harbor Naval Complex CLR, O‘ahu Outlying Areas CLR, and Pacific Missile Range Facility Kaua‘i CLR), the reports provide a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the historic significance of existing Navy facilities and installations in Hawai‘i. HHF performed the lead role for research; data collection; geodatabase development and management; historic context; site physical history; fieldwork, inventory and documentation of existing conditions; and significance evaluation for each installation.

The significance evaluation included preparation of significance statements utilizing National Register criteria and NPS theme studies, developing period plans, and establishing periods of significance for the six installations. Collectively, this information served as the foundation for the landscape analysis and treatment recommendations effort, led by others with support from HHF. The content and findings of the CLRs are also an integral component of the CNRH Historic Asset Management Plan effort that HHF is also directly involved in.


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