HHF’s site planning services address the detailed aspects of land and facilities planning. As our featured projects highlight, we have produced site plans for both public and private clients. A large portion of our military planning expertise lies in site planning.

HHF provides site planning as a stand-alone service or as part of a comprehensive master plan, depending on the needs of the project. Our site planning typically focuses on:

  • Layouts and parcelization of land uses
  • Internal road reserves/rights of ways
  • Integration of land use and transportation components with an emphasis on bicycle/pedestrian connectivity
  • Building orientation, or “footprints”

Site planning also encompasses the three-dimensional aspects of the built environment, including the placement of infrastructure and architectural and landscape architectural design elements.

As an extension of master planning, HHF may provide clients with:

  • Site Development Plans
  • Area or Space Utilization Plans
  • Residential Subdivision Plans
  • Landscape Concept Plans
  • Design Guideline Documents

Planners often work in concert with our GIS & visualization staff and landscape architects during the site planning process.

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