HHF Planners provides a full range of professional services to assist clients with obtaining land use permits and approvals for development throughout Hawaiʽi. HHF personnel have extensive experience with and knowledge of state and county land use regulations and refined skills to guide projects through compliance and processing issues.

HHF has prepared and processed a wide range of state and county development applications and permits, in all four counties of Hawaiʽi, including:

  • State Land Use District Boundary Amendments
  • State Conservation District Use Permits
  • County General Plan and Community Plan Amendments
  • County Zoning, Plan Review, and Conditional Use Permits
  • County Special Management Area (SMA) Permits and Shoreline Setback Variances

A large percentage of projects that need permit approvals also require preparation of either an Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to accompany entitlement requests, as part of necessary State and County environmental reviews. HHF’s comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the interface between environmental rules and application processes provides our clients with efficient management of permit requests, some of which require multiple applications to multiple agencies at the State and County levels.

Many large-scale projects need to develop and implement comprehensive public participation programs to ensure that the interests of the community have been adequately addressed in the overall project design. HHF has involved community groups and other key stakeholders in the development process for numerous projects around the state through informational sessions, facilitated meetings, citizen advisory committees, newsletters, and websites.

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