Environmental regulations govern virtually all phases of development. New and changing laws and regulations promise to make future development decisions even more complex and demanding. HHF Planners has great respect for the natural and built environments and is expert in analyzing the consequences of development proposals. The firm provides a diverse range of environmental planning services, including:

  • Identifying applicable requirements and project timelines early in the planning process
  • Scoping and managing environmental and engineering technical studies
  • Preparing required environmental documents
  • Evaluating alternative planning and regulatory approaches to avoid unnecessary delays or pitfalls
  • Meeting with key government personnel
  • Establishing public participation programs, including community advisory committees

HHF has extensive experience in guiding projects through the environmental review process and expertise in preparing and processing of a wide range of environmental documents and reports, including:

  • Federal NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act), EA (Environmental Assessment) and EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) documents
  • State and local environmental assessments and impact reports/statements
  • National Historic Preservation Act and Endangered Species Act consultations
  • Natural and cultural resources integrated management plans
  • Visual impact studies and modeling
  • Federal environmental compliance documents, including Essential Fish Habitat Assessment, Coastal Zone Management Act Consistency Determination, and environmental reviews

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